Complete Chronology of Publishing 

Books, Plays, Novelty Items

(does not include minor musical programs and song lyrics)



  • "Pegora the Witch," children’s play, Children's Theatre Press (subsequently Anchorage Press Plays, now with Dramatic Publishing)


  • "Beginnings," poetry, Trilogy Arts, (1974 Doubleday, 1985 Bookcraft; 1984 German paperback)
  • “Martyr-In-Waiting,” one-act play in “The M.I.A. Book of Plays,” The General Boards of the Mutual Improvement Associations of the LDS Church (2013 Zion Theatricals)


  • "Think Your Way to a Million," play, The Dramatic Publishing Co.


  • "The Search," poetry, Trilogy Arts (1974 Doubleday; 1985 Bookcraft; 1985 combined with "Beginnings")


  • “The Order Is Love,” musical play with Lex deAzevedo, Trilogy Arts (subsequently managed by Embryo Music, then Excel, then Deseret Book, now with Zion Theatricals)


  • "Daughters of Light," Mormon women’s history, Trilogy Arts (1974 Bookcraft)


  • "Sound and Shhhhh," children’s picture book, Trilogy Arts 
  • “Poetry of Carol Lynn Pearson, read by the author,” LP sound recording, Trilogy Arts
  • “Move On,” play, Embryo Music (subsequently Encore Performance Publishing which is now Zion Theatricals)


  • "The Flight and the Nest," Mormon women’s history, Bookcraft


  • "The Growing Season," poetry, Bookcraft
  • "The Busy Bishop's Notebook," humor, Bookcraft
  • “Don’t Count Your Chickens Until They Cry Wolf,” children’s play with J.A.C. Redford, Children's Theatre Press (subsequently Anchorage Press Plays, now with Dramatic Publishing)


  • “My Turn on Earth,” musical play with Lex deAzevedo, storybook, songbook, Embryo Music (subsequently Excel, then Deseret Book, now with Zion Theatricals)
  • “Lullaby Song,” collection of lullabies with Lex deAzevedo, LP album, cassette and songbook, Embryo Music
  • "Model Mormon Mother's Notebook," humor, Bookcraft (2005 adapted by Cedar Fort Press)
  • “Marriageable Mormon Maiden’s Notebook,” humor, Bookcraft
  • “I Believe in Make Believe,” children’s play with J.A.C. Redford, Children's Theatre Press (subsequently Anchorage Press Plays, now with Dramatic Publishing)


  • “Model Mormon Missionary’s Notebook,” humor, Bookcraft 
  • Marriageable Mormon Male’s Notebook,” humor, Bookcraft


  • "Call It Mother," Mother’s Day gift book, Bookcraft
  • "Faithful Mormon Father's Notebook," humor,  Bookcraft


  • "Will I Ever Forget This Day?" with Elouise Bell, Bookcraft
  • "Letters to Missionaries,” humor, Bookcraft
  • "Letters from Missionaries," humor, Bookcraft
  • "Ready Relief Society Sister's Notebook," humor, Bookcraft


  • “The Dance,” musical play with J.A.C. Redford, script, cassette recording of music, Plough Down Sillion Music (2003 Encore Performance Publishing, which is now Zion Theatricals)
  • "Overheard at the Dance" adapted from musical play, Bookcraft (2007 published as “The Dance,” Cedar Fort Press; 2007 basis for movie “The Dance”)


  • "A Widening View," poetry, Bookcraft 
  • "Stepping Stones and Stumbling Blocks," game, Bookcraft
  • "A Lasting Peace," young adult novel, Randall Press (1989 Deseret Book, 2007 as “Summer of Truth,” Cedar Fort Press)
  • "Today, Tomorrow and Four Weeks from Tuesday," novel, Bookcraft
  • “A Widening View,” poetry sound recording read by the author, Bookcraft
  • “The Growing Season,” poetry sound recording read by the author, Bookcraft


  • "I Can't Stop Smiling," love poems, Bookcraft (2007 as “In Love Again and Always,” Cedar Fort Press)
  • "A Stranger For Christmas," Bookcraft (1988 cassette recording read by the author, Bookcraft; 1996 St. Martin's Press; 1996 Random House cassette recording read by Blair Brown; 1996 G.K.Hall Large Print edition; 1996 Korean Edition; 1996 Japanese Edition; 1997 German Edition; 1997 Dutch Edition; 2003 Loyola Press; 2006 Cedar Fort Press); 1990s play adaptation, Encore Performance Publishing, now with Eldridge Press 


  • "Not At All Trivial," game, Bookcraft
  • "Blow Out the Wishbone," Bookcraft (selections published as “Priceless Moments,” 2008 Cedar Fort Press)


  • "Goodbye, I Love You," Random House (1987 Columbus Books Ltd. London; 1987 German hardback; 1988 Berkeley paperback; 1989 German paperback; 1995 Gold Leaf; 2007 Cedar Fort Press)
  • "Thoughts of the Heart," journal for women, includes poems, Bookcraft
  • "A Time to Love," musical program with Lex deAzevedo, songbook, VHS performance, cassette of music, CD of music, Embryo Music


  • "Couples," game, Bookcraft


  • "One on the Seesaw," Random House
  • "Heroes and Villains," game, Bookcraft
  • "It's My Life!" musical play with Lex deAzevedo, script, demo video, CD of music, Embryo Music


  • "Mormon Mother's Candid Calendar," humor, Bookcraft


  • "Women I Have Known and Been," poems, Gold Leaf Press
  • "Mother Wove the Morning," one-woman play, DVD and book, sheet music, song tape, Carol Lynn Pearson


  • "The Modern Magi," Gold Leaf Press (1998 St. Martin's Press; 2003 Loyola Press, 2007 Cedar Fort Press)


  • "A Christmas Thief," Gold Leaf Press (2003 Loyola Press, 2008 Cedar Fort Press)


  • "Picture Window," compilation of poems, Gold Leaf Press


  • "Morning Glory Mother," St. Martin's Press (1998 German Edition; 1999 Korean Edition) 


  • "The Lesson," Gibbs Smith Publisher

  • "The Stocking Stuffer's Story," Stellar Publishing


  • "What Love Is," Gibbs Smith Publisher


  • “Will You Still Be My Daughter?”  Gibbs Smith Publisher
  • “Girlfriend, You Are the Best!”  Gibbs Smith Publisher
  • “Fuzzy Red Bathrobe: Questions from the Heart for Mothers and Daughters,”   with Emily Pearson, Gibbs Smith Publisher    


  • “A Strong Man,” Gibbs Smith Publisher
  •  “Day Old Child and Other Celebrations of Motherhood,” poems from priorbooks, Gibbs Smith Publisher
  • “The Gift,” Gibbs Smith Publisher


  • “Consider the Butterfly: Transforming Your Life Through Meaningful Coincidence,” Gibbs Smith Publisher (2008 paperback titled “Embracing Coincidence,” Gibbs Smith Publisher; 2012 “Embracing Coincidence” hardback, MJF Books, Fine Communications, with Gibbs Smith Publisher)
  • “A Sister,” Gibbs Smith Publisher    


  • “The Christmas Play,” Loyola Press


  • “The Christmas Moment,” Cedar Fort Press
  • “Beginnings and Beyond,” anthology of poems, Cedar Fort Press


  • “The Runaway Mother,” Mormonization of “Morning Glory Mother,” Cedar Fort Press


  • “No More Goodbyes: Circling the Wagons around Our Gay Loved Ones,” Pivot Point Books
  • “Facing East,” play, Pivot Point Books
  • “In Love Again and Always,” revised “I Can’t Stop Smiling,” Cedar Fort Press


  • “The Lord Is My Shepherd: Inspiration for Couples,” Gibbs Smith Publisher


  • “In Dog Years I’m Dead,” humor, Gibbs Smith Publisher (2010 Korean Edition)


  • “The Sweet, Still Waters of Home,” Cedar Fort Press
  • “I’m Still a Hot Babe But Now It Comes In Flashes,” humor, Gibbs Smith Publisher


  • “The Hero’s Journey of the Gay and Lesbian Mormon,” Pivot Point Books


  • “The Ghost of Eternal Polygamy: Haunting the Hearts and Heaven of  Mormon Women and Men,” Pivot Point Books