Would you or your family benefit from having a visit with me regarding...

In the challenge of discovering you have a gay child?

  • Discovering you have a gay child?

  • Your feelings as a gay person toward self, family, church, God?

  • The challenge of being a woman in a patriarchal church

  • The grief and joy of a spiritual crisis?

  • Any other subject on which I have had experience

I am not a therapist, I am a sister traveler with a reverence for the journey.

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“The Friend”

Let me be the hearth
Where you sit to work your clay.
I’ll not say, “Shape it like this or like that,”
I promise.

Let me watch as you in absolute agency
Mold your mortal dream.

Only, sit close
And let me give a little light,
A little warmth.
Yes, warmth especially.

Cold clay yields to no form.
Let me be your hearth.
Sit close, be warm.
— Carol Lynn Pearson