Mother Wove the Morning



Much of my life has been devoted to the search for the feminine divine, a search that culminated in writing Mother Wove the Morning, a one-woman play in which I perform sixteen women throughout history in search of the female face of God.

In 1989 I rented our local community theater in Walnut Creek, California for two weekends, sent out press releases, sold tickets, and opened the play, believing at least my friends would show up. They did. And lots of other people. The event sold out and I extended again and again. Subsequently I played across the country and abroad, ultimately doing more than 300 performances, one on Crete for the International Partnership Conference, invited by Margarita Papandreo, first lady of Greece, and author Riane Eisler. I learned that the hunger in my own heart for the Mother was matched by the hunger in the hearts of thousands of other women and men.

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Download the list of characters here and a sample scene here.

Reviews of the Original Production

“An amazing experience, a passionate performance of theater at its best.  It makes us cry, laugh, and remember what we did not even know we knew.  I wish everyone could see it and be inspired by it.” —Riane Eisler, author of The Chalice and the Blade

“Intellectual awareness of the repression of feminine divinity becomes experiential in this profound and poignantly human drama.  I strongly recommend this wonderful and powerful play.” —Jean Shinoda Bolen, author of Goddesses in Every Woman

“A powerhouse!  And with such terrific humor.” —Joan Baez

“Take a train, take a plane, ride a bus or a bike, but go to Mother Wove the Morning...a magnificent, emotionally charged performance.  Bravo!” —Evening Press, Dublin, Ireland

“What an extraordinary piece of work!” —Olympia Dukakis, Academy Award winning actor, author of Ask Me Again Tomorrow.

Mother Wove the Morning — for multiple performers

Responses from Producers

Equity Showcase Production | New York City, May 2005

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to produce ‘Mother.’ It has been an amazing experience.   The cast has been so excited to be part of this project, and truly reverent of the work they know we are doing.  They didn’t want the run to end.  Audiences have responded with all the enthusiasm we had hoped for.  May ‘Mother’ have a long and happy life!” 

Glendale High School | Glendale, California

"We opened the play last night and it was quite an experience. It was stone quiet, not a peep, except where there should be a peep or laughter or a gasp. The teens did not squirm, whisper to their neighbors etc. It was amazing! In fact my young women were amazing! They were focused, intent in the work and eager to perform...This play has affected the entire cast; none of them will look at being a woman in the same way as they did eight weeks ago...The play has also added a new spiritual and visceral aspect to my appreciation of all that is woman.  Thanks so much for giving us this remarkable experience!” 

“I LOVE YOUR PLAY! It has taught me so much. Some of my friends saw the play today and theywanted to say thank you for writing this piece. I think they too are really inspired. Every time I read the play or listen to my fellow actors I just feel like crying. I feel like the characters are all my sisters and we share a bond and trust and we share our happiness and fears and all. So thank you, thank you.” —Glendale Student Actor

Rainbow Repertory Company | Canton, Ohio

“I cannot tell you how lucky I feel having come across your play and being given the chance to work with it.  It is one of the most important theatre pieces I will do in my life....Our performances reached 278 people.  The first weekend we saw only 60.  Our local paper did not print anything about the performances, but because of word of mouth, our second weekend saw over 200.  I have a growing list of those who have contacted me and want to know when it will be performed again...I look forward to the other bookings I am planning.”

Method Acting Workshops | Mill Valley, California

“Thank you so much for allowing me to use this awesome play....We got a standing ovation.  The performance was combined with an acting workshop.  I coached audience volunteers to speak their own truth and explore the resurrection of the feminine divine bringing insight from their own lives to perform scenes from the play themselves!” —Shelley Mitchell, acting teacher to Bay area professionals,

YWCA | Lewiston, Idaho

“Thanks so much for letting us do your play.  We were moved and honored by your boldness and your generous gift.  This is a very important work.  Huge!  We had a grand audience who wept and laughed with us.  Your work is that of a true pioneer.”

 Emergence Theatre | Fringe Festival of Canada

“The play was a great success, with over 300 people seeing it and lots of deep feelings and feedback.  The company is very excited and honored to spread your work and the inspiration of women’s spirituality to the public.”

St. Peter Catholic Church, Social Justice Task Force | Pacifica, California

“Thank you for your beautiful play!  As we rehearsed, I became more and more aware of how you balanced out the horror and the humor.  Your research was so thorough, your artistry in interpreting and presenting the history so evident.  My life has been enriched and enlightened by having been a part of it.  Thank you for re-acquainting me with the Mother/Goddess I have always known was there for me....It’s been over six weeks since we put on ‘Mother Wove the Morning,’ and we are still hearing about it...The Director of the Pacifica Resource Center is delighted with the over $3800 that we earned for them.” —Mary Brown, Director

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The play on film, given an award from “Booklist” as one of the top fifteen videos of the year, is available on DVD, along with a book that includes the complete text of the play and a photo of each character.  

Available for groups to perform

Recently I have made an adaptation of the play for groups of women to perform. This version has been produced as an "equity showcase" production in New York City, as well as by high schools, colleges and community theaters. See responses from producers to the left below. To inquire about performance rights, click here